Naturopathic Medicine

The Advantages and Core Principles of Naturopathy
Naturopathy is based on core principles which emphasize the healing power of nature, prevention of disease, and treatment of the whole person. Education is a significant part of the canon, which views the doctor as a teacher. At the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic in Burlington, Ontario, the focus is on treating the underlying cause of a patient’s health issue instead of addressing the symptoms alone.

Health through Nature
Optimal health is gained from an understanding of the extraordinary ability of the body to heal itself through the power of nature. Healing is promoted through a wide variety of proven remedies and techniques using natural, non- pharmaceutical products.

Disease Prevention
The prevention of disease is a core principle of naturopathy.  Dr. Townsend works closely with her patients to determine the underlying factors which may lead to disease. She then creates individualized treatment plans to address each factor at its root, ensuring all issues are confronted in the most proactive way, without further negatively affecting the patient.

Treatment of Conditions and Illnesses
Dr. Kim Townsend,  ND holds a degree in Naturopathic Medicine.  She is a qualified doctor trained to treat a wide variety of health related issues ranging from physical ailments to psychological concerns. Whatever the health care issue, Dr. Kim has the knowledge and the experience to offer exceptional treatment options and advice at the Townsend Naturopathic Clinic in Burlington, Ontario.

Treatment for the Individual
Unlike traditional forms of healthcare which take a more generalized approach, naturopathic treatments are extremely specialized. Each patient is viewed as an individual and their treatment plan is created uniquely for them. In naturopathy the doctor is considered a teacher. Patients are educated and taught to make better lifestyle decisions aimed at preventing future issues and follow plans to accelerate their body’s own natural healing power.

Naturopaths Combined with other Healthcare Practitioners
Naturopaths often work with conventional medical doctors, registered massage therapists, compounding pharmacists, registered nurses and other health care practitioners to provide the most comprehensive care possible. Dr. Kim works closely with a variety of medical professionals in Burlington and the surrounding area, and may refer patients based on their unique situation and needs.

Natural Treatments- Effective and Safe
Natural treatments that do not harm the body are the basis of naturopathy. The naturopathic doctor uses natural, non-pharmaceutical medicines to promote optimum health. The treatments are unique, safe, and effective without the likelihood of harsh side effects.

Naturopathic medicines and treatments are frequently much more affordable than their pharmaceutical counterparts. The preventative measures that are the basis of naturopathy often eliminate the need for expensive drugs and treatments in the future.

Research and Historical Evidence
The core principles and guiding values of naturopathy have been used for centuries. There is an amazing amount of research that has validated the wonders of this type of medicine. Many of the treatments and medicines are rooted deeply in history and have been effectively utilized for centuries. Empirical evidence supports naturopathic medicines and new research and scientific findings continue to highlight the benefits and importance of this growing healthcare initiative.

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